Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ive spent my day alone.... other than an hour at work, in which we had to remove the scrotum from a Great Dane that had filled with clotted blood after a castration done about a week ago.. its basically been just me. I'm not use to being fully alone yet. I did some grocery shopping, the babies come home tomorrow, and they... well they must eat. Walking around walmart in my cowboy boots and being 5'11" I stand out. ITS INEVITABLE. Ive learned this. Recently Ive also learned that's its OK to do so. But I'm used to always having someone by my side normally its my precious little children. But today I flew solo. I came home to a deadly quiet home. I turned on the music.... A little bit of Jack Johnson. In hopes to fill the air with  a peaceful yet energizing tune. But the quiet pressed through.
But its OK to be alone in the quiet. its when you can come face to face with yourself and with God. It makes you think and to think sometimes is the best thing that you can so. Today may have been a lonely and quiet day, but it was my day! Spent in peace... and fully realizing just how in peace I am with my life and who I am. Its a beautiful thing to realize I am in the place of Peace. 
The people in my life are meant to be here and the ones that are gone from it are meant to be gone. my day may continue on like this. But I'm perfectly happy with that, because for the first time in my life I am perfectly happy with who I AM!

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