Monday, December 10, 2012

single momhood

Two weeks shy of one year ago, I embarked upon a journey I knew absolutely nothing about. It was a lifestyle I had never learned to live.... because I never had to. I knew I would face struggles, face some level of hardships and see and do things I had never had to see or do. I would have to walk away from the security of a steady paycheck, health insurance and the ability to see and care for my children everyday. I was prepared to work 2 or 3 jobs to make things happen to take care of what needed to be taken care of. I had worked previously but it had been over 5 years since I had to make things work completely by my side and even then there were only a few months that I had been out of my parents house before I was married. At that time there was no car payment to make, my auto insurance was as low as ever, gas and electric were paid in one night of tips from my waitressing job. 6 months after moving out of my parents home I had been put on bed rest... forcing me to no longer work, 1 month later shortly after giving birth to my first born we moved to to a town 2.5 hours away. after that I worked on and off.  Whenever the insignificant other decided I needed to help out more and that I wasn't contributing enough he would send me out to work until he got tire of me not taking care of things well enough at home in which I would then be told to quit. It didn't matter. His checks paid the bills and got us by. Although I at times did financially help out, I never was solely responsible for the entirety of my financial aspects.... Because of this I knew I would have a serious mountain to climb... but to me, with the life I knew I had to walk away from it was nothing short of an ambition I had to follow.
I knew that December day with my heart as cold as the weather, that when I walked away from my secure spot... there was no coming back.
I lived at my parents sharing my old room with my newborn and the two older kids had taken the room at the end of the hall... the room across from my little sister, they loved being so close to their Tia Audrey and spending so much time with their grandparents. Their transition started off well. they adjusted to their circumstances. I got by with what we had and once my youngest was 3 months old and I had to begin allowing her to have more away time from me and more time with her Father, I began searching for a job. It wasn't long before I was sitting in the drive thru of an In and Out Burger in Tucson with my best friend and her phone rang... It was Dawnie, her little sister. There was a baby sitting job at a local church and if I wanted it I could take it. I accepted and soon found myself in a familiar Church's nursery 2 evenings and 1 morning a week. It was enough to cover diapers and formula but I knew I eventually needed to find something more.
I sat in a local Mexican food restaurant with Les, a woman who is a great part of mine and my children's life, she was helping me with divorce papers over lunch. I was just explaining to her my need for a job when I came across an opportunity. A Doctor I knew, was also meeting someone for lunch at the same restaurant. I had known her  for awhile, nothing to personal she employed my little sister a few years back and she was a member of the church I had grown up in. It was Friday and she said I could start the following Monday. God bless her heart, she had no idea what she was getting herself into with having me around.
I was scared yet excited for I knew this was my first big step to my new life. I quickly realized that I knew nothing about the medical Field... let alone the practice of Veterinary Medicine....and I was more than surprised at where I had ended up when on my first day on the job I witnessed an emergency C-Section on a large English Cream Golden Retriever. I was shocked as all get out when a small puppy still in the sac was dropped in my hands and I was told to make him able to breathe, within a few moments and ALOT of teaching on how to make him do so, the small pup in my hands began to squeal and wiggle. I was still just a bit blown away by what had just happened when a lady with a pregnant goat walked in the front door. I somehow found myself holding a goat as they began to tug the baby out of the birth canal, although being a Doctor for 15 plus years she knew what I didn't... the baby goat was dead. so when the leg came unattached to the rest of the body still in the birth canal and was flung back, hitting the owner of the C-Section dog we had just done on the chest, I  about peed my pants from laughter and gasp with horror at the same time.  I realized I had much to learn but I had so quickly fell in love with this profession. From wrestling 100 pound dogs down for a blood draw to vaccinating 200+ head of cattle in a day I knew this would be more than just a job for a paycheck.

 Last Friday I had an amazing opportunity... AAEP. American Association of Equine Practice. It was the annual conference in which we traveled 516 + miles via the Camaro. It was an amazing experience from the knowledge I gained to the chance to sit in a room filled with such intelligent people and truthfully I'm sure I was most likely the most clueless one there. It was a few days filled with so many new experiences. From restaurants with table cloths and the most amazing fillet Mignon that this small town girl has ever tasted. Lessons and chances that I may never come across again. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity that I was given... Although I was still incredibly happy to get home to all that I love and out of high heels.
Debbie and I off to The House Of Blues at Downtown Disney

The Anahiem Convention Center

Off to learn amazing new things

...That amazing Filet Mignon im talking about... Morton's is where its at!

within this year everyday has been a challenge for me... because everyday I am faced with something I know nothing about. There are days where patients I have loved and cared for find their time to go see Jesus, times where I have had to help patients that have had suffered a horrible injury and condition and have had to send them home knowing that they were going to continue to suffer and then there are the patients that steal every bit of your heart as they fight with all they have to live. Ive learned so much and yet I still yearn to learn more. I have had opportunities I never in my very large imagination one year ago thought I would have.. and although every day as a single mom, balancing life in the only ways I know how I am still able to keep stepping forward with a smile on my face and babies in my arms knowing that the choices I made are still the most productive ones I could have possibly have chose.  For even though every day in this new life of mine with no security, not always knowing if all the bills will be paid, I have full faith in God above that he will continue to provide for me and my babies. I have been blessed with the most amazing people in my life. People who bless me in their own ways every single day,  words of encouragement,  financial blessings and unconditional love. I have been beyond blessed by my VIP, my amazing boss, my family my Friends and fellow co-workers. My life may sometimes look empty from the outside as if I don't have much... but really its as full and as amazing as it possibly can be. I may have had to work my butt off to keep from sinking and at each moment when I thought I was finally going to drown I was rescued. Being a single mom is no easy task but knowing your children are taken care of with the best you can do is still rewarding.
Knowing that you have a family full of love a job that makes you love going to work and a very special Man that somehow found something inside me that I thought was no longer there is an amazing feeling. I don't need all that Earth has to offer, Because I have all that I want and need here in my own little world. It took every bit of strength I had in me to walk away from the life I knew, but I was rewarded with a new strength, a new hope, and a new ability to obtain a life of excellence. I can accept the struggles because in return I receive the blessings... my life is full of blessings.

Sweet Bailey... who after two large surgeries and delivering 10 pups 5 in which survived is fighting with all she has to live. Send your love and prayers her way!!!

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