Sunday, February 16, 2014

bike lessons.

I'm going to start with this: I thought I was going to die today! Truth! I was even contemplating whether I should just go ahead and write down my obituary. But instead of dying I learned a much deeper lesson.

Several weeks ago my love decided to tell me he was picking up his motorcycle from his parents out of town and bringing it home. I then didn't fully realize he expected me to jump my large hot mess of a self on to the back seat and not somehow fall off. I didn't realize this until about a week ago when he called me to tell me to go get fitted for a helmet and a riding jacket. I laughed...first instinct. And then realized he was serious. So there I found myself standing in a store full of unfamiliar things. As I picked up a do-rag and asked " how do you wear this head panty thing" I noticed just how out of place I was. But I got the task done.
So like he said he was going to do, he made the drive to his hometown and loaded his bike. Two days later(yesterday) he pulled up to the front of my home. A blue powerful beast sat there on the trailer with all its glory...and then I noticed this little seat, this tiny little seat I was supposed to be able to stay know, not fly off and land in a cactus or hit a tree? As big of an adrenaline junkie that I am, some fear definitely washed over me.
So just when I'm about to say "ya, no not happening" he then pulls out an amazingly awesome white jacket with black edging and some dainty and girly graphics and a matching white helmet. An awesome part of my valentines gift. I at this point didn't have much choice. I was going to have to get on that bike. Other than my dads mo-ped, that he would drive me around in slow little circles on the dirt lot next to the house I grew up in, I had no prior experiences with such things. I was going to die I was sure of it.

So this morning when he asked if I was excited I told him yes. I was. I was just scared. I kept thinking about my children and what they were going to do without me. I thought about work and how crazy busy it already is and how much crazier it would be if they were short a technician. I thought about who was going to take in all the dogs if we weren't there to take care of them and I thought about who would be there to help my daddy chop his firewood every winter. I was preparing my self for that face to tree encounter.
So the time came, I put on my awesome jacket, and then put on my matching helmet and looked at myself in the mirror. Stared a little while getting a good look of who I was before anything tragic happened. Then I heard the "listo mi amor?"  The signal that it was time to die.
So there I found myself standing in the street with all this awesome new gear and no experience. He smiled and as he showed me he said "This is how you get on and then just hold on to me. I'll take care of you my love." I then realized two things. That it wasn't him I didn't trust, it was me. He will take care of me, I just have to hold on. I also learned that I'm not always in control and I dang sure don't need to be.
Next thing I knew we were on our way slowly down the road he turned and leaned and I just held on. I actually enjoyed it. At first I was terrified and the more I allowed myself to relax the more I began to enjoy it.
Some beautiful flowers at work, a tear jerking card, a gorgeous set of earrings and some awesome riding gear made this girl a spoiled and blessed girl. But what made this valentines day really special was the lessons he taught me. These lessons of love that will carry on throughout our lives together.

1. I don't always have to lean his way, but to make a successful ride I cant turn against him.

2. Hold on to him, he however is the one God has put in my life to be my partner, my bestfriend, my love, and the one I can always count on.

3. trust him, what is love without trust? He will protect, love and honor me.

4. That every adventure with him is worth having.

5. This whole riding on the back of my mans bike is pretty awesome after all, and every bit of the time we get together is irreplaceable.

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