Thursday, November 1, 2012


Its November... I can not believe it. November is such a busy month, birthdays mainly,2 nieces, 1 nephew, 1 brother in law, 1 grandma, and my VIP all have November birthdays..I kinda feel like I'm forgetting someone, and holidays and family, of course working extra hours to get through December.  So the thought of following some peoples role of acknowledging one thing each day throughout November that they are thankful for is a little unrealistic for me. Mainly because well If I haven't mentioned it yet one of those horrible characteristics of mine is... I'm sort of forgetful... to say the least. Besides shouldn't we be thankful all year not just November. Shouldn't we count our blessings each and every day not just is seasons.  So here is my thankful list. Not everything may make it on here, but you ll get the gist of it, and honestly its more of having a thankful heart, not just a thankful blog! :)

 I'm thankful for my babies. For William Tell, who is an amazing little boy with talent and strength who is wise and full of drive. who's green eyes capture his momma each time. For Graci Ann a gorgeous little girl who is always good for a laugh. who reminds me constantly of a woman who stole my heart years ago, a woman who I cherished and loved as a little girl, who I lost as A Grandma and a Friend when I was only 3. Her character is such a reminder of her, And it breaks my heart that My Grandma Rosa never had a chance to know this baby girl who is so much like her yet so much like me. A nosey, into everything, funny, strong and witty little girl who always knows the right time to make me feel like a million bucks. For Aurora LeAnne, who is the sweetest little gift from God a Hysterically hilarious 1 year old who got me through the toughest time in my life yet. She steals my heart each and every time she calls out to me. I'm thankful for each and every day I have with them, Thankful for their hugs their kisses their ability to make me laugh and make my heart melt.

I'm thankful for my family, My Daddy who has loved me unconditionally even when he shouldn't, I'm thankful for the amazing man he is and always has been, a wonderful example of how a man should be. A man who I have cherished absolutely every moment and memory I have with, who's unwavering faith and compassion is remarkable. My Ma, who even though I'm a straight out shit sometimes, she is always there to pick me up, sometimes she has to get a good laugh in first but none the less she is there. her love for her family is like no other and has taught me over and over how to have have that same love and loyalty. Each of my sisters, who each have had a part in the making and molding of who I am. They are a constant reminder of unconditional love and the true meaning of sticking together. They are each beautiful inside and out in their own way... each with a heart of gold. I'm thankful for my Nieces and nephew that i absolutely adore... each and every single one of them have stolen a chunk of my heart. And my brother in laws, the funny, smart and pain in the asses... (some of them) that they are. they are great and perfect additions to our ginormous family we have.

I'm thankful for Mimi and Papa T, For all the love and support they give to my family, for the hugs and love they give to each of us. For Showing time and time again true love. who's love for each other is a remarkable sight, their love story is beautiful. As beautiful as they are, I adore them.

Im thankful for "Abuelita Linda" and Tio John, who shower my babies with love and have been a huge part of their lives for the last several months. There is no one better suited to care for my children the way they do. they are a blessing in so many ways.

I'm thankful for my Best of Friends, and all those who find my dorkiness somewhat manageable enough to still stick around. The girls who have made me laugh uncontrollably, the ones who tell me how it is.. in their own smartass way. I'm thankful For DeAnna Rae who for the last 15+ years has been in my life. The girl I have fought with over absolutely nothing and the girl who has been there for me during the best and worst times of my life. The girl who my day does not feel complete until we have had a conversation of some sort even if it is just about tampons or shoes. The girl who got me out of as much trouble as she has gotten me into. The girl that is usually always the first one I call. She Is Auntie DeNanna to my babies and the perfect best Friend to me.
 I'm thankful for Jackie... My beautiful Jack who has been through so much but yet her heart is just as pure as it was the day she immediately became another Best Friend 10 years ago... a nerdy little 8th grader who stole my heart with her smart ass wittiness and her gorgeous big brown eyes. Despite my horrible influence that I take complete responsibility for. The only person in the world I would have at 17 ran down the street naked with due to a lost bet. She is responsible a VERY LARGE PART for the laughter I have. She points things out in a situation I would have never of seen. She is not only next to me most of the time... she is a part of me. I'm thankful for her and her two babies, that have become best Friends with my babies. I love them so very much. I'm thankful For them. 

Stephanie who makes me laugh uncontrollably with her laugh and smile that lights up the room,

For Ashley who is always there. For Sarah Miller with the biggest and funnest personality. For Sarah Petty Britt.... The Girl that got away... A Friend so genuine and amazing a girl that I have created so many memories with a girl I miss so very much. Despite our growing apart I will always consider one my best of Friends.

 I'm thankful for a Beautiful wonderful woman inside and out that God has put into my life. A woman who has played an ideal part of where I am today, who has taken me in and loved me, who gave me a job, a place to rent, who has opened her life up to me and my children and has loved us so very much. A woman who has become more than just a boss, more than just a spiritual sister... but a friend... a friendship I cherish. Her and her little monchers are an ideal part of my family. I love them each.
I'm thankful for those wonderful girls that I get to spend everyday with, Jennifer, Shannel, Devri, Bama, Tammi, Mary, and Dakota. These girls put up with my mood swings, my dorkiness, my mistakes, my children... all with smiles on their faces, they make me laugh they make me smile and accept me everyday. I couldn't imagine better people to work alongside of.

I'm thankful for the aunts the uncles and ALL (theres ALOT) my cousins. Im thankful for my Grandpas who worked and loved as hard as they did, and my Grandmas that I learned so much from. Im thankful for the time we still have with Grandma Jo, a woman with a heart of gold. A true child of God.

I'm thankful for my home, for my car, for my ability to work. I'm thankful for everything God has blessed me with. Including every trial and rough spot I have hit... because its those that make me strong. They are those that help realize all I should be thankful for.
and... I'm thankful for Tabasco, smart phones, Kit-Kats, funny movies and chocolate.

Theres much not listed but thatll have to wait for another time because bedtime calls!

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