Saturday, November 10, 2012

embracing vulnerability

What happens when we become vulnerable?  Yes we leave ourselves, our minds our heart and the essence of our soul wide open for catastrophe, but we also leave it wide open for a beauty in our lives we would not otherwise have.  Its a chance, a step out in faith. No one other than yourself can control your level of vulnerability. No one other than you can decide how deep your layers are peeled back. Yes, if are able to hide yourself behind a rock, you will be protected from that possible catastrophe, but you will also be in harms way of never fully living to the potential in which you were created to live. I may have thought that I had protected myself, that I hid behind a bush well enough to be shielded from the elements... but when I realized I never was, that the bush I was finding refuge in, was a simple stump hiding me from the afternoon sun, not fully hidden but not completely exposed, I simply was able to find myself embracing, the ability to freely be me. The ability to be happy of course I will continue to have worries, I will continue have my insecurities, my second guessing nature will always be prevalent, this is who I am. But being vulnerable, that's part of who I am also, even when I had tried to not allow it to overtake me and I tried to overcome it I failed because that was not how God created us to be. This is me.... embracing even that part of me!!!

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