Monday, September 9, 2013

moving on!

I haven't written much in a while... in fact its been a long while.. mainly because I felt as if this had become a burial ground for my past. I would revisit every once in awhile, only to see how depressing I had become. so now you may see that most of my little notes have been removed... not hidden but gone. I believe if you are going to move on. If you are going to leave the past in the past you have to drop it and walk away. It never ceases to amaze me how God choses to show us things and teach us very valuable lessons.. like Simply trusting in him. Because its us putting our trust in him that allows us to move forward in life in the direction he has called us to go. when I think of this I think of my own children.. like my 6 year old trying to learn how to swim. His fear of letting go leads him to clinging on, not allowing himself to just let go.. and not realizing that even if he couldn't swim the water is only 3 ft deep. he clings he flails.. He's scared... and as much as I tell him he is going to be okay.. he cant hear me. he wont listen to me. In order for him to learn one of the biggest lessons of his life... he must let go.. he must trust me, Just like we must trust in God. So here I am, trusting god, letting go of my own understanding, and putting my faith in one who is much mightier. Life is hard. Life has its struggles it has its downs.. but it also has its peace it has its healing and it has its Joy. we just have to allow ourselves the ability to let go of our burdens and give them to God because only then will he take them away and only then can we have true joy. Claim it. Accept it. Embrace it

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