Saturday, April 13, 2013

The loss of our flesh

Imagine you are a grape, a ripe sweet grape, grown to and with perfection, picked at the very perfect time. Now imagine that you are tossed into a bucket among others, and are poured into a larger contraption... A wine press.
And all of a sudden a force is pushing you down. down into the others. you can slowly begin to feel your skin about to tear the pressure is too much to bear. and then for just a split second the pressure is relieved... but then it is right back, your skin has already weakened it becomes harder to hold on to your flesh. but then this process happens over and over.  continuously bearing this weight and at first you are only leaking your sweet juice but as time goes on and the weaker in the flesh we become the more juice that we release, and then comes the point that there is nothing left of your flesh, just the skin but you, you have become the sought after juice.
 What used to make you Beautiful and what used to define who and what you are is nothing now. It is left behind and unusable. It was your flesh, your pulp. but now the wine maker has taken from that only which he intends to use. only that which is pleasing to him.
It doesn't end there. Now you must be sifted and the remaining sediment removed. your closer to your finish product... but in the form you now are in you must continue the process...( lets call this the lukewarm stage. neither cold nor hot. this stage does nothing. you must press on you must be refined). It isn't until these final stages that you begin to resemble what you were intended to be all along.
Our lives are like a wine press. we must have our flesh crushed so that God can do his mighty work on us to make us who he had always planned for us to be. Just like the Grape bush planted at a winery with a purpose. We had a divine destination while we were still in the wombs of our mothers. we must endure the wine press so that we may continue on to where we were intended and please the Lord.

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